About Haveli

The name we chose for our indian restaurant stems from our tradition. In India, at the beginning of anything, whether it is a human life or a business, it is customary to go to the Sikh temple, called Gurudwara, “the house of the Guru” in the Indian language, to ask the Bhaiji, the priest who acts as an intermediary, to pray for permission from the Guru himself to begin the activity.

At the Gurudwara in Rome, after opening the sacred book Guru Granth Sahib, the Bhaiji ruled that the name of our business should begin with the letter H.
So, during the return trip to Florence from Rome, we decided that our restaurant would be called Haveli: its translation? Prestigious abode.



Past and Present

The date of Haveli’s birth, April 13, 2000, is a special date because it is an important anniversary for the Sikh religion. On that very day in the year 1666, the first members of that religion were baptized.
Born under this lucky star, the restaurant business grew in fame and results, so much so that in 2007, Jyoti made a major investment in the renovation of its premises and at the same time developed an indian catering business.
Haveli is also the name of our Indian cuisine catering
Thanks to the experience acquired in the management of the restaurant and the collaboration with the most renowned Florentine entrepreneurial realities, the Indian cuisine catering business grew in reputation becoming the major point of reference in Italy for events and weddings, and for those who want to avail themselves of our delicious flavors and the mysterious and fascinating culture that goes with them.


The philosophy behind the catering of an
indian MENU


Catering is not improvised, it is planned with intelligence and organized with method. Experience in the kitchen and the skill of the chef are the foundation, but great ability in organization, precision, punctuality, attention to detail and reliability are also required. We are proud to be the only professional Indian cuisine catering company in Italy.

Quality of the cooking

Not just the owner of the catering business, Jyoti Singh is most of all an acknowledged chef. At each event or wedding, he cooks with passion, directing the team of chefs and other service professionals.

The client at the center

We want maximum satisfaction for our guests, they must feel like maharajas. Our ultimate goal is to satisfy not only the palate, but to create an event that expresses perfection, hospitality, beauty and attention to detail.

Respect for the rules

Our business has strengthened over time thanks to professionalism, and attention to and compliance with the rules. We have all the necessary permits for our sector and our employees are in good standing.

Quality of the ingredients

Our gastronomic activity revolves around the well-being and pleasure of our guests. We are convinced that it makes no sense to scrimp on ingredients, which are at the heart of the success of our flavors.


One of the core values of our catering business is elegance.
Elegance that is found in the recipes, in the flavors, in the dish sets and set-ups we use, in the presentation of the dishes and in our staff ‘s working mood.

Honesty and transparency

The code of ethics to which we aspire requires us to earn only through work. Once an agreement is made, the client will never be faced with unexpected increases or hidden costs…everything takes place in the light of day.

Flexibility and availability

Our working method is precise and organized but we are also used to adapting perfectly to specific requests and needs, to meet the client’s wishes: that special touch that they imagine that will make their event or wedding personal, unique.

Our staff

The Haveli Indian Catering & Banqueting staff is composed not only of the owners and founders of the restaurant, but also of professional collaborators hired on site as employees.
Over the years, their professionalism and collaboration have created a great synergy, able to satisfy every request and desire.


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